Thursday, July 3, 2014

Welcome friends to my blog. You have found the place where I not only share the things that I create but also all of the tid-bits of life that happen along the way that inspire & fill me with enough love to take me to the moon and back. It’s that love that makes me tick & thus create. I hope you enjoy & are inspired to do something creative yourself.

I'm the mom of a soccer, basketball, lacrosse AND piano playing 4th grader and a creative and "genius" 7 year old who is now a big kid in 2nd grade (they wrote their own bios;), and the wife of a great dad and husband Brian. 

In my spare time I enjoy painting, making jewelry, scrapbooking and volunteering in my community. This past year I've had a wonderful time coaching my oldest daughter's basketball team (go Shooting Stars!) and getting to know many of the awesome moms & dads who help out at our elementary school. If I can do something helpful and creative everyday, I'm a happy girl!

More information about my paper crafting path can be found on herePlease feel to email me anytime at

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day:)